Our Contributors

Annie Bucknall


An emerging author and journalist, Annie Bucknall loves working at home with her son and two lively labradoodles underfoot. She threw in her day job to live this life and although the washing’s never folded and she’s forgotten what colour the kitchen bench is, she’s happy.
Tim Brothers


Restless and ever-curious, Tim is fuelled by a passion to investigate the stuff that makes us strange mammals tick. A quest for truth? Deeper meaning? Or just an excuse to not get on with his real job? Who knows. What’s for certain, is this ad creative and award-winning writer never tires of chasing that elusive *perfect* story.
Jessica Humphries


Jessica Humphries is a writer, yoga teacher and very hands-on Aunty who values life in the slow lane. After studying philosophy at university and spending time in the corporate world, she threw it in to pursue a career in writing and yoga, and is now the associate editor of Australia’s biggest yoga magazine, Australian Yoga Journal.
Simon Jones


Simon has spent more than a decade working in digital media, print journalism and content marketing. A writer and editor by trade, he specialises in new technology, Aussie politics and the local gin scene.
Jayne Waqa-Hawea


Jane is a Melbourne Storm Fan and ex-Melbourne banker who moved to the outback, and now works at the local hospital. She is an alumna of Curtin University with a degree of Professional Writing and Publishing. Hope and Humour are her word weapons of mass recreation.
Angie Maddison


Angie Maddison is a freelance content and copywriter and Melbourne mum of three. She blogs at The Little Mumma.
Jill Murphy


Jill Murphy is a counsellor, writer, yoga teacher and carer of her three small children.
Anastasia Prikhodko


Anastasia is a general-interest, human-interest features writer living two hours from Sydney, Australia. She is a regular contributor for Fresh Cup and The Coffee Magazine, where she covers the coffee industry in terms of gender equality, inclusivity and diversity, fair pay, climate change, and mental health.
Alex Reszelska


Alex is a Bondi-based writer and Japanologist. Trying to combine a passion for Zen and psychology with the mental load (and joys, too!) of raising 2 amazing little humans.
Leanne Shelton


Leanne is a freelance copywriter and a self-proclaimed English nerd. She enjoys different styles of dancing, reading business and non-fiction novels, listening to inspiring podcasts, and spending quality time with her husband, Justin, and two young daughters, Gabrielle (Gabi) and Indiana (Indi).
Jane Tara


Jane Tara is a bestselling author, and travel writer. She is a passionate traveller, certified bookworm, crazy cat lady, lover of wine, coffee and, most of all, front row cheerleader for her two sons. Jane has published over seventy children’s books, a number of plays, and four novels.