Who is behind Famlio?

Who better than a grandmother to create a brand just for families?

I’m a Mum to four children ranging from 15 to 38, and grandmother to two feisty girls 3 and 7, and in all my years as a parent, (and now a Nanna) I have never felt that I fit with the ‘traditional’ idea of a family. And when I really looked at it, I didn’t see many people who did.

While we all face the same challenges, we are all very different and I started to feel that the true modern family wasn’t being genuinely represented – in the media, in advertising and with many products and services that are pitched at parents.

So I created Famlio.

I wanted to build a platform where all families – with their day-to-day dilemmas, their funny stories and all their messy and complex arrangements – were supported.

Where respect was a given and kindness was rampant.

Where you could come and see yourself in the articles and information, and in the other parents who share their triumphs and their failures. Where you could feel safe, and not judged.

Where ‘yummy mummies’ were every Mum, not just social influencers setting an ideal that none of us can achieve. Where Dads shared parenting responsibilities equally, and the battle of the sexes was just thing from a 70s TV show, and not click bait.

Where gender was a choice, not defined by a society with attitudes that were “so last century”.  Where who you were attracted to didn’t come with a label, and wasn’t even part of the conversation – unless you wanted it to be.

Where parents, mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, sisters and brothers, carers, foster parents, neighbours and even the family pet were all part of a family – theirs, and ours. A global tribe of humans who care for each other, and for mother earth.

Famlio is here for you, and hopefully will grow as you, and your family grows.

Welcome to our family…