The Famlio Community

We have been created just for families.

We provide information and support that understands the challenges of family life. Our products have been created to make your life easier, custom designed to evolve with your family life.

We have a suite of family management apps that help you manage everything from weekly calendar to your financial health.

Our online portal provides content that understands the diversity of contemporary families, and of actual, real, modern family life.

Built with trust at its core, Famlio’s mission is to lighten the load of raising a family.

Building a kind and supportive community

We believe in kindness. To each other, and ourselves.

We believe that judging how others parent is counterproductive. That everyone is different and traditional notions of the family should have been left in the 20th century.

We believe in love and acceptance, and we recognise that all families are different, unique and special. We celebrate diversity and we see you.

We strive to be honest, ethical and transparent.

Community guidelines

A respectful community thrives.


  • Respect each other. Everywhere – both on and offline. We’re all equals no matter where we share our thoughts and opinions.
  • Keep your comments focused and on topic, according to each post. This helps facilitate the best, most productive conversations. If you have bigger ideas, we would love you to contact us.
  • Protect your privacy. Comments on this community are visible to anyone in this community. You shouldn’t post anything here that you wouldn’t say in public.
  • Protect your privacy and don’t give out personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses.


  • Give advice unless asked for. We can share our experiences in order to help others but giving advice without full context often have the opposite effect and can even be dangerous. Advice promoting unhealthy or unproven medical or dietary products or practices will be removed.
  • Be hateful. Disagreements, with open and respectful discussion can lead to great progress. However, insulting individuals will not be tolerated.
  • Post comments that use racism, sexism or are discriminatory or defamatory. These are not tolerated and will be removed immediately.
  • Be a troll. Trolling, threats, personal attacks and abuse will be met with  an immediate ban and you will be removed from the community.

We take our responsibility seriously.

We aim to create an informative, supportive and fun community, and in order to do this we may, from time to time, have to get tough.

We have a zero tolerance policy on abuse and hateful behaviour. This may include a full ban from commenting on the website or being included in our social media communities. Extreme cases will be reported.

While we strive to provide content that is informative and inclusive, the views and opinions expressed in articles or comments are those of the individual authors and not necessarily endorsed by Famlio.